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    Clothes Consciousness
    Clothes Consciousness


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    Hardbound Version.  There are two parts of this book. They are: 1) an overview of the nature and function of clothing and bodily adornment, with a brief set of exemplifications of the psychological meanings of clothing and self-decoration, and 2) a discussion of the meaning of the difficulties with our clothing and adornment, such as tearing, stains, damage, loss and other troubles.

    These factors often lead us to send multiple messages with our self-projection. The projections that don’t match the person, the system and/or the situation elicit from others negative reactions such as confusion, selection of one of the messages and the ignoring of the others, or rejection of the person altogether.  The intention is to provide some insights into why it is we wear what we wear, and what is happening when we go into problematic relationships with our clothing and body modification.  It is hoped that this will provide the reader with useful insights as to what is occurring for them as we express what is happening for them through our adornment.


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